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Raw hazelnut oil

Raw hazelnut oil

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NeoOlia hazelnut oil, virgin, cold extracted using innovative technology, organic.

100% natural - 100% made in Italy

Food grade product

Food use:

Hazelnut oil is appreciated in the preparation of desserts, cakes and biscuits, as a substitute for butter or margarine, thanks to its ability to withstand cooking well . It can accompany ice cream, sweet crepes, muesli and mixed fruit salad.

Cosmetic use:

  • Hazelnut vegetable oil is suitable for oily and combination skin and is indicated for the problem of hyper-seborrhea of the scalp and skin, especially in cases of acne .
  • It helps stimulate microcirculation and can therefore be used in the massage against bedsores.
  • Known properties: astringent, regulator of sebaceous secretion, nourishing, softening.

    NeoOlia's innovative extraction process preserves the extraordinary characteristics of the raw material, making the oil particularly stable to oxidation even after opening.

    Indication for recycling : 100% recyclable aluminum packaging (ALU 41)

      Produced and packaged by: Wepooil Srl . Turin - Italy -

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      100% Hazelnut oil.
      May contain nuts, sesame, peanuts and derivatives.

      Nutritional values

      Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g.

      Energy 3700kJ / 884kcal
      Fat 100 g.
      of which saturated 7.4 g.
      Carbohydrates 0 g.
      of which sugars 0 g.
      Fiber 0 g.
      Protein 0 g.
      Salt 0 g.


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