Vegetable oils and protein vegetable flours

Our innovative technology reduces the temperature of the cold extraction process by 30%. The result? High quality vegetable oils and protein flours that preserve all the organoleptic properties.

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Per uno stile di vita naturale e sostenibile

Innovazione sostenibile al servizio della natura

During the extraction of vegetable oils we consume less energy, thanks to the lowering of the temperature. In this way, we preserve numerous functional molecules such as polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins and carotenoids, returning a product of extremely high nutritional value.

Never before seen quality of oils and flours

Our oils are more stable than those currently on the market, eliminating the need to add chemical preservatives harmful to health and the environment.

The flours , de-oiled more effectively, have a higher concentration of proteins and a reduced fat content.

Respect for the environment at the center

Thanks to our technology we are able to obtain a greater quantity of oil from the seed, with considerable energy savings.

We also minimize the waste that we don't throw away and from which we obtain an ultra-protein flour.

  • Biological

    Many of our products are certified organic. We do not add chemical elements and select our raw materials with painstaking care.

  • Innovative

    Our cold extraction process has a 30% reduced temperature, keeping the organoleptic properties intact.

  • Sustainable

    Lower temperature means less consumption. Km0 products are sustainable for the environment and the community that produces them.

  • Italian

    We only use the best raw materials of our territory. Sweet Sicilian almonds, IGP Piedmont hazelnuts and much more.