Vegetable oils

Discover our lines of vegetable oils, for personal care and food. From Italian ingredients, cold extracted with innovative technology. By reducing the extraction temperature by 30%, we obtain a unique product on the market, keeping the organoleptic properties of vegetable oils intact.

Why is NeoOlia different?

NeoOlia is different because, thanks to our innovative technology , we really manage to preserve the most precious components of the seed, reducing the temperature of the cold extraction process by 30%.

But almost everyone talks about cold extraction...

True, extraction often takes place cold but this does not mean that the manufacturing process does not develop friction and therefore heat which inevitably reduces the extraordinary properties of the seed.

So the quality of NeoOlia is very high?

Yes, because we have focused our efforts on improving
the process and preserve with greater care the treasures that Nature gives us. Furthermore our oils are more stable and therefore we do not have
need to add chemical preservatives.

Does NeoOlia respect the environment?

Absolutely yes.
Thanks to our technology we are able to obtain a greater
quantity of oil from the seed with a considerable energy saving .
We also minimize the waste that we do not throw away and from which
we get an ultra-protein flour.